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About us

Our collections are unisex, not only for the sustainable niftiness of making it easier to pass along amongst siblings or other kids in your extended family. But also cause we don’t believe that there is a certain way to dress or look that belongs to a certain sex.

Façade clothes are not costumes that we want our kids to form after - it should be the other way around! The clothes should give the children freedom to explore their own selves, free of all kinds of boundaries. Letting our kids be their own mould. 

The cuts and sizes are designed to have a prolonged life with each child - one size can maybe last through two or even three growth spurts, of course with a different fit each time, but still. We really worked hard to get you to shop less! 

Our collections transcend both seasons and time, but if you see something you really like, now’s your time - we won’t produce a whole lot to ensure zero waste. 

Façade cares about our children’s future. We strive to only use sustainable, organic and nature-friendly materials, for our production as well as our distribution. We want to teach our children how to make a difference.

We care.